Top 5 Items Stolen By Burglars

One of the worst things that can happen to a homeowner is coming back from work or a vacation to find that their house has been broken into. Knowing that burglars have invaded the sanctity of your home can be traumatic. Besides the emotional distress, it can be frustrating and even crippling to find that many of your possessions are gone. Most burglaries see around $2,500 stolen and although it often feels like thieves will break in and just take whatever they see first, it turns out that there are a few items that are specifically targeted.

5. Firearms

Believe it or not, firearms are a hot item for burglars. The increasing difficulty of acquiring a firearm has made them a popular target. This also means that they can easily be sold for a large profit on the street. Since firearms are commonly stored in end tables or closets, burglars will check these areas if they are looking for one. Gun safes are an effective way to keep your firearms off the streets and in your home.

4. Electronics

Nobody is surprised to find out that expensive electronics are a popular item for thieves to steal. Although larger items such as TV’s can be harder to carry, they are still relatively easy to sell. Cell phones, headphones, laptops, and other small electronics are a favorite for thieves since they combine the profitability of large items with easy transportation. This is why it is not recommended to place large electronics boxes outside of your house as they can act as a beacon for burglars.

3. Prescription Drugs

Surprisingly, prescription drugs are very popular items that some thieves will target. Again, these are small items, usually in prescription bottles, and are commonly found in bathroom cabinets. Motivations for the theft of prescription drugs can include either personal use or selling them for a large profit. Some of the more common prescription drugs stolen from homes are benzodiazepines (Xanax and Valium), and amphetamines (Adderall and Ritalin).

2. Jewelry

One of the most popular items that thieves target is jewelry. Everyone has a vision of the stereotypical image of a burglar sneaking away with a pearl necklace in their head somewhere, and there’s a reason for that. Easy to carry with high value, jewelry is the best of both worlds for a thief. It can also be sold to unsuspecting pawn shops or other stores that buy silver, gold, diamonds, etc.

1. Cash

Cash is king. The most popular item that burglars will attempt to take from a house is cash. It is untraceable and easy to carry making it the perfect score. Cash loss is also hard to prove to insurers, so it is best to never keep excessive amounts of it in your home.

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