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Today’s modern alarm systems are monitored by ‘single’ or ‘dual-path communications, via the Internet and cellular networks, that transmit to the alarm monitoring station. These methods are far superior to the conventional POTS (Plain Old Telephone Service) or VOIP (Voice Over Internet Protocol) transmissions. 

Alarm signals are relayed to police and fire authorities and the owners’ designee in case of an emergency. Other non-priority signals can be sent to your smartphone via text/push and/or email.

5 Diamond Monitoring Facility

Additionally, we use a 5 Diamond Monitoring Facility. A 5 Diamond Monitoring Facility means that the facility upholds the standard of the 5 points of excellence. These 5 points are:

  • Commitment to ongoing job-related education and testing by having 100% of its monitoring center operators certified using the TMA online training series on industry best practices.
  • Commitment to random inspections and quality criteria standards by a nationally recognized testing laboratory such as FM Approvals, Intertek/ETL and UL.
  • Commitment to raising the industry standards through TMA membership and participation in its activities.
  • Commitment to reducing false dispatches.
  • Commitment to the highest levels of customer service.

When a monitoring company receives the seal of approval to be called a 5 Diamond Monitoring Facility it means that it not only upholds these standards but goes above and beyond. These facilities are committed to making sure you stay safe in your home.

Re-certification Every 3 Years

Every 3 years the operators of these facilities must renew their certification to prove they are holding fast to the standards. This is to make sure that the dispatchers are educated and ready to take action for your peace of mind.

They must prove that they are proficient in the alarm confirmation process to reduce false alarms. It is an important skill to differentiate a false alarm from a real threat. A real threat requires a real-time reaction to send help, and a false alarm is a significant waste of time and resources.

They must prove their proficiency in communications with public service answering points, such as emergency 911 stations. These stations are placed in public areas such as a park and are available for public use. 

They must display knowledge of electronic communications equipment, which includes cellular, radio, and internet communication systems. All of these system skills must be demonstrated because communication is one of the keystone skills required to be on a team at a 5 Diamond Monitoring facility.

They must have a full comprehension of the codes and standards set by companies such as Underwriters Laboratories, Factory Mutual, the National Fire Protection, and others. Each emergency situation presents the operator with a challenge to decipher what kind of help needs to be sent. This takes skill, quick decision-making, and knowledge of codes.

Lastly, they must exhibit proficiency in the area of emergency preparedness under a range of possible scenarios. This again requires knowledge and quick thinking. 

The Monitoring Association

The Monitoring Association is the company that sets the 5 Diamond Monitoring Facility standards. They are prestigious and only a few companies can say they are a certified 5 Diamond Monitoring Facility. 

This 5 Diamond achievement is under constant review as the dispatchers can be tested and put under review at any time. This makes sure each dispatcher stays sharp and equipped with the knowledge they need to properly help people.  

360 Alarm Is a Proud 5 Diamond Monitoring Facility

360 Alarm makes sure its dispatchers are ready for every scenario so that you can have a safe home and peace of mind. We prevent hard and loss. We at 360 Alarm take our name and promises seriously, keeping a 360-degree view of your surroundings so you don’t have to. Get more than just a security system, gain peace of mind.

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