Veterinary Security

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Protect People’s Pets And Your Patients

Veterinary security is much more important than people realize. People trust their local vet with the safety of their beloved furry family members, and it is important to make sure they are safe even when the veterinary staff isn’t there.

Increase your security measures and never risk a veterinary security disaster. With our cameras and monitoring, even when the clinic is closed for the day you have the ability to watch over them. When people trust you with the care of their pets, take it seriously and increase your security.

Veterinary Care

Caring for people’s pets is a very important job. People trust you to help their small and large family members feel better. Extra security measures will protect your veterinary staff and the animals they are looking after. 

Many animals have to stay overnight at the vet, whether it is recovering from surgery or sickness or if they are boarded there while their family is on a trip. Most vets don’t have regular overnight staff as it is very expensive to hire trained staff members to stay at the clinic overnight, but keeping an eye on the pets there overnight is still important. 

You can continue to keep an eye on them through an alarm monitoring system. Unless your clinic is dealing with a specific situation where medicine has to be administered to an animal at intervals throughout the night, an alarm system can provide you with all the monitoring you need.

Most clinics only have around-the-clock staff if it is a 24-hour clinic, and these facilities are generally for emergencies and other specific veterinary focuses. Regardless of how many hours a day your clinic is open, it is important to keep the staff and the patients safe by monitoring them 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

Veterinary Pharmacy

The installation of security cameras and other security measures can help reduce the risk of theft for expensive medicines. Pets often need expensive medications to aid them, and if your supply of pet-specific pharmaceuticals is missing, you run the risk of being unable to treat the animals in your clinic, loss of money, and the medicine may fall into the wrong hands.

Medicines are specific to each case, antibiotics may help some while they may harm others. It is very important to know where your veterinary pharmaceuticals are at all times, and that place should be a safely locked space.

You can keep your pharmaceuticals safer with the help of an alarm monitoring system. We can set up an alarm system specifically for your pharmaceuticals, complete with specific access codes and cameras.

Never risk narcotics or any other drugs being stolen or wrongfully administered by keeping them secure. Sometimes a log isn’t enough to keep track of them, increase your security and the safety of all patients and staff members with 360 Alarm’s 5-Diamond monitoring.

Smart Veterinary Security

To really amp up the security measures, we have smart systems available. Specific codes for individuals can be set up, so you can assign personal codes to staff members to keep track of who disarmed and armed the pharmacy in your vet clinic, and what time they did so.

This can give you more security and discourage theft of drugs by staff members, as their code will be linked to any missing drugs, along with security footage.

Secure Your Veterinary Clinic With 360 Alarm

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