Intrusion Detection and Systems

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In today’s interconnected world, the ability to closely monitor and protect your home and business is greater than ever before. Making sure that your property is safe can be a constant concern, especially as increasing reports of nefarious activities including home invasion and brazen package theft become more commonplace. Instead of spending time worrying about whether or not something important will still be there when you come home, or if the package you were waiting for has already gone missing from your front porch, the installation and activation of a sophisticated intrusion detection system can help you regain control of the safety and security of what matters most.

As a team of security systems specialists, we have been working with residents and businesses throughout the DFW Metroplex for years, our team understands just how important it can be to have the peace of mind that comes with knowing your property is protected the right way. As a leading name in the security industry throughout the Dallas / Fort Worth, TX area, we’re always ready to consult with you about the best choices for an intrusion detection and prevention system that will meet your needs and unique situation.

An entry-level intrusion detection system utilizes window and door sensors combined with motion detectors to detect any abnormalities along a designated perimeter. These systems are typically controlled via a centralized control panel and keyboard. The specific capabilities of intrusion detection systems can vary depending on several factors. Some advanced systems include a touch screen keyboard that displays weather forecasts, send SMS updates in case of an emergency, and many other useful functions.

Intrusion Detection Hardware

As technology continues to progress at an astonishing rate, the range of options and systems available for an intrusion detection system has also expanded. At 360 Alarm, our team of security specialists is committed to using only the best products available in a variety of categories, including:

Contact Sensors 

These sensors communicate with a system to trigger an alert if a door or window has been opened unexpectedly. While this type of device cannot detect certain situations such as broken glass, they are considered one of the core features of a perimeter protection plan.

Glass Break Detectors 

Glass break detectors are usually attached to the ceiling and are used to detect burglars that break windows in an attempt to gain entry. This is an important added layer of security because many thieves tend to smash or break in glass to gain entry through a door or window without actually opening it. This device is also considered perimeter security and, when used in combination with contacts, helps cover some of the most common types of entry attempts.

Motion Detection Devices

Depending on the intended use, motion detectors offer various types of protection, which are often referred to as internal or secondary protection. These types of devices are also developed to offer a form of pet immunity that can distinguish the difference between a small pet and a person so that the pet can move freely throughout the house without fear of false alarms.

Photoelectric Beams 

Photoelectric beams, which are usually used for special purposes, are installed mostly outdoors because they are more stable than high-performance motion detectors. PE beams are often used as additional protection to trigger a warning device and can even be used to activate sirens and lights on the property.

Temperature Sensors 

If you have a wine cellar or temperature-sensitive environment, our team can install temperature warning sensors that can be configured to trigger an alarm if the temperature is too high in a predefined area.

Leak Detection 

Everyone knows how bad water damage can get from broken pipes or other sources of rampant water. Leaks can often be overlooked until it is too late, but water sensors can help reduce damage. This device is often installed in an area near your AC Unit, water heater, dishwasher, bathroom area, under the sink, and other places where unexpected leakage may occur.

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If you’re looking at different options for intrusion protection and prevention, then the best place to start is by having a face-to-face conversation with an experienced professional that has the industry knowledge and skills you need to find the right solutions for your situation. Instead of wasting countless hours searching online for the information you need, be sure to reach out to our team right away so we can get started on the process of helping you.

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