School Building Security

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Powerful alarm systems and reliable security cameras keep your students and not to mention parents and other visitors safe from intruders and other dangers. Reliable security also means protection for your school’s equipment, records, and other resources. If you aren’t confident in your school building’s security, take the step toward fixing that today!

Safe and Secure Education

Whether you run a public school, a private school, or a small educational center, 360 Alarm can provide top-notch security for you and your students. Knowing that safety has been prioritized and that there are reliable systems in place will make it much easier for your staff to focus on teaching, as well as for your students to learn.

Security Systems For Schools and Educational Buildings

One of the biggest elements of security concerns when it comes to schools is the control over who has access to the interior of the building. This is generally left to be managed by each individual school building since the number of entrances and exits to each building varies depending on the actual building in question. Most schools lock all doors except the front and have offices where visitors sign in. 

To take care of the other details that are out of the office staff’s control, 360 Alarm provides many alarm systems and security systems that can help your school manage any visitors, look out for students skipping class, and hold your teachers accountable in the classrooms. 

School buildings are often home to sensitive information concerning the students who are in attendance, whether that refers to grades, health forms, behavioral records, and similar documents that need to be in a secured area. Our security systems give you the freedom to put heightened security measures in place in certain areas of the building.

Control Access On An Individual Basis

360 Alarm has the security systems available that will allow you to tailor the access to the building depending on the individual staff member or student. This will help control who can enter the building and when, but it will also help larger schools and campuses to see who accessed a particular area if a problem arises.

Arming and disarming the office alarm system is also easier and safer for senior members of the staff, thanks to our 2GIG panel’s AI and our advanced cameras. This will make it much easier on your staff and security teams as they work to accommodate their sporadic schedules.

Utilize Connectivity

School buildings tend to have staff and students requiring access to the building at different times from week to week, whether that’s due to tutoring hours, music performances, sports games and practices, and many other reasons. 360 Alarm’s smart security control panel runs on a dual connection using wifi and cellular data to ensure your security system is always live and available for you to use and control it. The dual online connection also helps your system run updates on schedule so your system is always reliable. 

Security Systems For School Buildings

At 360 Alarm, we know that security at every school building is essential, whether it’s a large public school or a small educational building. By modifying best practices to specific customer and industry difficulties, 360 Alarm creates security solutions that are uniquely suited to each building and school system.   

In order to free up your teachers’ and office staff members’ time and resources to concentrate on what they do best— teaching the minds of tomorrow —we also have a nearby security monitoring facility staffed with real people who have been trained to recognize potential threats.

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