Smart Home System

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360 Alarm’s Smart Home System ensures that your home has the highest security and highest functionality possible. With a Smart Home System, you are able to control lighting, climate, entertainment systems, and appliances, as well as home security, access control, and alarm systems. You are able to control all of this from your phone. 360 Alarm is here to give you peace of mind from Grand Prarie to Grapevine and everywhere in between.

For those days you are halfway to work and think you forgot to lock the door, 360 Alarm Smart Home System has you covered. Maybe you are in bed watching a movie, and you are just too cozy to get up to check the front door; lock it from your bed with a few taps on your phone or tablet. 

A Smart Home system is more than just security, it is peace of mind. 

A Smart Home System Includes:

  • Keypad
  • Cell Unit
  • 3 Points of Entry With Pin Point Location
  • Motion Detector
  • 24/7/365 UL-Certified Monitoring
  • Certified Alarm Dispatchers
  • Highest Levels of Customer Service
  • 5 Diamond Monitoring Facility
  • Control From Any Smart Phone or Tablet
  • Computer with Internet Access
  • Remotely Arm and Disarm
  • Control Thermostats, Lights, and Appliances
  • Receive Text & Email Notifications
  • System Status
  • Lock and Unlock Doors with Phone
  • Doorbell Cameras with 2 Way Talking Abilities
  • Call to Have a Custom Package Designed to Fit Your Needs
  • No Landline Required

Customizable Options

You are in total control of your home and keeping your family safe with the Smart Home System. There are several customizable options available and you can pick and choose what you want to be included in your package. This Smart Home System is designed with your best interest in mind because you can customize it yourself.


Just because you are able to gain access to your alarm system from your phone, this does not mean that is the only way. A standard keypad is still available. The access from your phone function is just designed to let you have more control.

Cell Unit Communicator

The 360 Alarm Smart Home package uses a cell unit to communicate with the dispatchers and your personal cell phone. This is much more secure than a landline. It is common for the modern household to be void of landlines as the use of cell phones and cell units has decreased the need for a landline. 

Smart Home System VS. Standard Home System

The smart home system includes the same key features as the standard home system and more. They both include 3 points of entry with pinpoint location, a motion detector, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week UL-Certified monitoring, certified alarm dispatchers, the highest levels of customer service, and last but not least, a 5 Diamond monitoring facility. 

The smart home system goes above and beyond with its extra features such as the ability to control your system from any smartphone or tablet. This feature allows you to remotely arm and disarm, control thermostats, and adjust lights and appliances. You can receive text and email updates on the system status, and can also lock and unlock doors from your phone with remote access. A doorbell camera with 2-way talking features is also in the smart home package.

You may be asking yourself when you would ever need any of these features, but think about the last time you had an expensive package delivered to your door. A 2-way doorbell camera gives you peace of mind so you can keep an eye on it while you may still be at work.

Gain Peace Of Mind With 360 Alarm Smart Home System

360 Alarm has you covered from Grand Prarie, TX (9723522659) to Grapevine, TX (8173299934). Call to customize your Smart Home System today and get more than security, get peace of mind. Schedule a consultation today. 360 alarm is also open on Saturdays because we know that busy people need secure homes.

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