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At the heart of our robust security system packages is the support offered by our industry-leading monitoring center. Our team of security experts is ready to help you around the clock, and we have people on the job 24 hours a day, 365 days a year. Our security monitoring center uses the latest technology and provides unmatched property supervision services to ensure that your home or business is always safe and protected.

What makes our monitoring services exceptional compared to other choices out there is the dedication of our people. With an excellent operator-customer relationship history and round-the-clock service, we can respond quickly and professionally to your needs at any time. If you are looking for security related to security surveillance services, comprehensive technology, and knowledgeable staff, 360 Alarm in Grand Prairie, TX, is the place for you.

What is Alarm Monitoring in Simple Terms?

Alarm monitoring allows for the creation of a safe, reliable, and secure communication line between your onsite security system and your security company’s centralized monitoring station. In an emergency, your security system sends a signal to the team at our UL Certified monitoring station so that a trained representative can observe and evaluate the situation at your property. This way, you can be sure that a professional dispatcher will check any potential emergencies before notifying authorities.

What if the Phone Lines are Tampered With?

It is not uncommon for intruders to try and cut off landlines before taking action to tamper with the security system. Therefore, your security system must be designed to use Wi-Fi and cellular services as well. This expanded version of home security monitoring is referred to as cellular alarm monitoring or a cellular security system. This alternative communication channel means that your security system will continue to protect your home in case the thief somehow deactivates your primary telephone line. 

Why Would I Want This Type of Service?

The main advantage of a monitored system is that the level of protection instantly increases dramatically. Instead of making you the sole point of contact responsible for managing any alerts or notices from your system, a team of trained professionals is now available at any time of the day or night to give you the peace of mind you deserve when it comes to the safety of your property. Professional alarm monitoring secures your home and family at all times. Alarm monitoring allows us to immediately send police, firefighters, and ambulances in an emergency. You can also save up to 15% on homeowner insurance.

What if I Feel Confident Handling it Myself?

Of course, you can save a few dollars by choosing not to have your system monitored by our experienced team. Independent monitoring systems usually do not require sophisticated hardware or additional monitoring fees. Therefore, they can be a more affordable choice. At the same time, it is important to think about what hidden costs you might end up paying if you choose to handle everything yourself.

When you are dealing with an emergency, you will most likely want the police to come as soon as possible. The reality is though, you may not be able to call 911 right away while juggling other worries related to the problem. The intruder will not wait for you to open your security application and notify the police.

If you are not at home. Are you confident you will always have good data or a stable connection? What if a problem occurs while you are on vacation? Are you connected to your mobile device 24/7 at work, on vacation, during meetings, at the cinema, or while traveling? Having the support of a professional UL Certified monitoring service gives you the peace of mind that comes with knowing you are protected regardless of your immediate situation.

Save Yourself Time and Resources Using a Professional Monitoring Service

The right security and alarm monitoring system can save you time, money, and most importantly frustration. Security monitoring systems are investments that lead to savings and reduce anxiety and stress over time. Investing in good home security and alarm monitoring system from a trusted company like ours can even be a great way to save about 10 to 15 percent on your home insurance costs, according to recent industry studies. 360 Alarm in Grand Prairie, TX responds quickly, provides world-class support and monitoring, and will always take the time to verify that your system is functioning properly.

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