College Dorm Security

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Keep Your Students Safe On Campus And In Their Dorm

Most colleges have taken improved security measures over the years. More security guards can be seen patrolling the campus at night, and once dark corners have been lit with lamposts. But if you don’t have college dorm security, that is your next step to keep all students safe. Keep your university safe and thriving with constantly increasing security measures. Make your university safer with college dorm security.

Guard Against Theft On Campus

Theft is one of the most common college campus crimes. This isn’t terribly surprising, however, as in the rush to get to class it is easy for students to forget to lock their doors or lock their bikes. A door or bike left unlocked makes it too easy for others to snatch your belongings.

If you are a college student, guard yourself against theft by making sure your door is always locked. This is a simple measure you can take that will dissuade people from breaking and entering.

Theft can also be prevented with a high-quality security system and increased college dorm security. Whether you are a student or an administrator on a college campus, a college dorm security system can keep more students safe and out of harm’s way.

Other College Dorm Crimes

A security system can also guard students from other common campus crimes. One cannot deny the stories that get told about the violence and crimes on college campuses. These dangerous crimes often happen in college dorm rooms and other college housing. College is a place where young people come to learn, but it is also a place where students have to make all of their own choices, some of them for the first time since they left home. 

Some choose to drink heavily, and when you mix alcohol with students that are making big life adjustments, you are bound to see some violence. College is stressful for new students, and the combination of stress and alcohol with students on their own makes a perfect storm for crimes to happen.

With high college dorm security, you can reduce the crime rate, bit by bit. 360 Alarm protects people with a 5 Diamond monitoring system. The 5-diamond rating is a high-level certification awarded to monitoring companies when they are able to prove they monitor homes and businesses with the most attentive team to provide 5-Diamond level monitoring services.

This means fewer false alarms and faster responses to real emergencies. When you are looking for a security company to protect college students and everyone in college dorms, a 5-Diamond monitoring company is a standard you want to have for your college dorm security. Guard your students and encourage them to feel safe with a 5-Diamond monitoring system.

Keep Your Students And Staff Safe With 360 Alarm

A high-quality alarm system that includes a 5-Diamond monitoring system is the best way to ensure the safety of your students and staff. Reduce crime and be able to help law enforcement solve crime with a security system. No hallways can be monitored by a person 100% of the time, so discourage students from committing crimes and reassure them that they are safe with a security system that has high-rated monitoring. Keep your students safe in class and in their college dorm rooms with 360 Alarm. Call us at 855-352-2659 to ensure the safety of your students and staff. Contact us for a free evaluation and we can get your college dorm security increased for the protection of all who work and reside on your campus. Don’t risk the safety of your students, set them up for success with knowledge and the feeling of safety in their college dorm and on the rest of campus.
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