Commercial Security Systems

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360 Alarm in Grand Prairie, TX, offers flexible, technology-driven solutions for security surveillance, access control, life and fire protection, and more. Our trained professionals carefully install a sophisticated company security system and we offer 24/7 supervision to ensure the best performance. With 360 Alarm, you can take back control of your commercial properties.

Making sure that your property (and everything in it) is safe and secure at all times can be a frustrating part of being a business owner. A wide variety of problems, including sour employees or local criminal elements, can pose a serious risk to the overall operations and productivity of your organization. Instead of struggling through the process of adding a home security system on your own, the best thing you can do is reach out to a team of experienced security installation specialists that have the knowledge and resources to help you do the job right.

24/7 Monitoring Solutions

360 Alarm has the capability to monitor your commercial security system 24/7 to make sure that no threats or concerns go unnoticed even during the late hours of the night. When your business security equipment is connected to our central station, experienced agents are always available, and they will monitor environmental threats, report interventions, and request immediate support for your team members or guests.

Our Monitoring services include:

  • Commercial security monitoring – Connect your facility door and window sensors, motion detectors, and glass break sensors to a security system installed by 360 Alarm. When security threats arise, our employees are trained and able to respond quickly.
  • Commercial fire alarm center – When your fire alarm sounds, our agents immediately take action to protect your industrial property. Detecting an early fire can mean the difference between a large loss and a small inconvenience.
  • Carbon Monoxide Control – As a covert killer, carbon monoxide is a serious concern for your company. Protect employees, guests, and tenants with devices that detect toxic gases – and with surveillance services that alert emergency services at the right time to receive support.

Comprehensive Security System Support

It is always important to protect your company from intruders, fire, smoke, gas leakage, or flooding. 360 Alarm installs and maintains security components that are tailored to your facilities and budget. With 30 years of experience protecting business and residential real estate in communities throughout the Dallas / Fort Worth, TX area, we specialize in perimeter and internal alarm systems, environmental risk detection, video surveillance, access control, and more. Our team provides commercial security consulting, system installation, and repair services for several leading equipment manufacturers.

The Power of Smart Technology in Your Business

Smart security and automated technology solutions give you more control than ever before over your business when you are not there to check on everything personally. At 360 Alarm, we develop smart security solutions tailored to the needs of a wide variety of commercial environments and business concerns. Smart systems have the power to support and protect employees as well as profits while reducing waste by giving business owners remote access to keys, lights, thermostats, and security systems from mobile devices or computers.

Contact 360 Alarm to Get Started

If you’re worried about the safety and security of your commercial property, the last thing you should be doing is investing countless hours into research and investigation so you can determine the best way to handle everything alone. Instead of going through this process only to realize you could have made a mistake, your best option is to reach out to our team as soon as possible so that we can get started on the process of giving you the technology and support you need to keep everything safe.

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