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Full-service salons are the epitome of relaxation. When people are ready for some beauty maintenance or self-care, they call up their favorite hairdresser to refresh their locks, book a mani-pedi, schedule a waxing appointment, or even wind down with a relaxing massage. Unfortunately, as a salon business owner, you have a lot more to think about than applying the perfect balayage or figuring out the perfect facial for your client’s skin type. 

When you own your salon, it’s up to you to hire staff, rent out salon chairs to other beauty professionals, avoid inventory losses, keep clients happy, schedule repairs, establish a security plan, and so much more. Fortunately, 360 Alarm can outfit your DFW salon with the security cameras, commercial alarm systems, alarm monitoring, and security procedures you need to protect your company, clients, and staff during and after hours. 

Keep reading to learn more about the custom security solutions we provide to beauty salons in Grand Prairie, Arlington, Grapevine, Fort Worth, Irving, Dallas, Carrollton, Southlake, Bedford, Euless, and beyond. 

Security Procedures That Protect Your DFW Salon From Burglary and Inventory Loss

75% of employees admit to stealing from their employer at least once, causing employers to lose up to $50 billion annually. Also, according to the most recent FBI data, there are approximately 3,062 burglaries every day. Not to mention, salons are generally targeted by thieves because they can steal tip money or cash from a safe. It’s also easy for them to turn the products they steal into a profit. 

Unfortunately, this property crime can also become a violent crime if an assailant attacks a patron or staff member while you’re open for business since most salons don’t lock up during the day. Thieves may also fly under the radar and quietly steal money, personal identification, and more from the personal belongings of clients, which could hurt your company’s reputation. 

When it comes to salon security, prevention is the key to preventing losses. However, if a problem does arise, we’ll ensure that you have an action plan in place and our 24-hour alarm monitoring facility will be staffed with agents to dispatch the police if there’s any sign of an intruder. To protect your company, assets, staff, clients, and inventory– it’s essential that you draft a security plan, install a commercial security system, upgrade locks, and buy security cameras. 

2GIG Alarm Panel– Salon Professional Monitoring Integrations

Set Up Authorized Users

While you should hold off on giving new employees full access to your salon until you’ve run a background check and know more about their character– you can add remote keypads, set up biometric, face recognition login credentials, or allow employees to disarm your system using Bluetooth. 

However, for maximum salon security, we generally recommend opting into remote keypads. The 2GIG EDGE panel supports up to 100 unique security codes so every member of your team can access the building within predefined time slots. The smart security panel will also take a picture any time your commercial security system is armed or disarmed so you can be sure that only authorized users are inputting access codes. 

Live Video Monitoring

You can also view live video feeds and recordings on the 2GIG EDGE panel if someone approaches you about stolen property or you suspect something is going on when you leave the salon. The process for checking these video feeds is simple, just follow these four steps. 

  1. Select “smart home.”
  2. Tap “cameras.” 
  3. Look at the index view of interior and exterior security cameras.
  4. Tap the preview to enlarge the footage and exit once you’re done

Smart Device Integration

Another perk of the 2GIG EDGE panel is that our security installers can connect it with up to 232 smart devices. So if one of your staff members forgets to turn off the lights or adjust the thermostat before taking off, you can use the alarm monitoring app we integrate with your panel to do it yourself. 

Additional Salon Security Tips

While 360 Alarm’s commercial monitoring services and industry-leading security devices will have you covered in case there’s a burglary, we know that preventing theft is the ultimate goal. That’s why today, we’re leaving you with some tips to help reduce inventory losses, theft of personal belongings, and discourage thieves from stealing from you.

  • Install lockers for staff and patrons to put away personal items
  • Place hooks beneath work stations so important items are within eyesight
  • Create unique codes for computers and locks so you know who is accessing them
  • Set specific hours so people can only access the building during approved hours
  • Place a sign or sticker outside your salon so would-be thieves know you have a security system
  • Don’t keep a lot of cash at your salon
  • Keep the building well-lit
  • Secure all entry points before leaving for the night

360 Alarm– DFW Commercial Security System Installer

For more information about the commercial security systems, alarms, and cameras 360 Alarm installs in salons and other businesses in Dallas, Arlington, Grapevine, and Grand Prairie– give us a call. One of our security technicians will come out and assess your salon before providing you with their recommendations and scheduling the installation. Don’t forget to ask us about our contractless security agreement for local businesses!
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