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3 Ways Smart Home Systems Are Eco-Friendly

Smart home systems are a security measure many people have taken to secure their homes. Most choose this type of system because the level of security is much higher than old-fashioned security systems. You have much more control and increased levels of monitoring, plus remote access. There are additional features that draw people to modern smart home systems, primarily how eco-friendly they are. Here are 3 ways smart home systems are eco-friendly. 

360 Alarm’s smart home systems will increase the level of security you have in your home, plus it will help you save money on bills in the long run, as you can monitor appliances and thermostats remotely. If you forget to turn your thermostat off before you leave your house, you can log on remotely to adjust it to your preferences. Smart lighting, remotely control thermostats, and window treatments are 3 ways smart home systems are eco-friendly.

Smart Lighting

Smart lighting allows you to coordinate your energy consumption throughout the day from lighting usage. You can reduce the amount of energy you use with the use of LED light bulbs and lighting control. 

LED light bulbs use 75% less energy than your typical incandescent light bulb. Not only are they more energy efficient, but they don’t produce as much heat. With the light bulbs not producing as much heat, your air conditioner in turn doesn’t have to run longer to keep your home cool.

LED light bulbs also have a much longer lifespan, up to 100,000 hours, whereas your typical incandescent lightbulb lasts only 750-1000 hours, and halogen light bulbs last around 2000 hours. The use of LED significantly reduces the number of light bulbs in a landfill. 

Combining the reduced amount of light bulbs in landfill and the reduced energy usage, LEDs are an easy way to make your home smarter and more eco-friendly. Better light bulb efficiency paired with the ability to remotely adjust the lighting in your home is one of the top ways smart home systems are eco-friendly.

Remotely Control Thermostat 

The ability to remotely adjust your home thermostat significantly reduces the amount of energy used to keep your home cool. If no one is home, it is recommended to turn the air conditioning off or up so it’s not expending energy to keep your home cool while no one is there to enjoy the controlled climate. You can turn it back on right before you leave work for home so that you waste no energy while you aren’t there and the temperature has returned to your preferred settings before you get home. 

You can monitor your energy usage even when you’re not home with a smart home system.

Window Treatments

Window treatments are a great way to reduce your energy expenditure. Window treatments allow you to remotely control the shades and more. Automatic shades can be set to open and close on a regular schedule, or you can adjust them remotely. This is a great tool to keep your home energy efficient. 

If it is cool in the morning and you want to leave the shades open, but warm in the afternoon when you aren’t home and want to close them, smart window treatments are your solution.

360 Alarm

Call us at (972) 352-2659 to learn more about our smart home systems. These are just 3 ways smart home systems are eco-friendly, you can reap many other benefits of our smart home systems. Make your home more eco-friendly and contact us today. You can save money and energy in the long run with our smart home system. 

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