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Protect Your Pharmacy With 360 Alarm

We Are The Industry Standard

Pharmacies possess a lot of very valuable and confidential information, along with expensive drugs. Because of this, they are at high risk for break-ins and security breaches. This is your opportunity to protect your pharmacy, your patients, and yourself. 

Any pharmacy that contains serious prescription drugs is at higher risk of theft and other damages. Keep your patient information and prescription drugs safe with professional security and monitoring. 


Alarm 360 has state-of-the-art monitoring equipment to keep your pharmacy as secure as possible. You can rest assured that our 5-Diamond monitoring facility is keeping a close eye on your confidential information and controlled substances. Protect your pharmacy from threats with top-notch monitoring.

Our monitoring facility is held to a high standard. It is a 5-Diamond facility with very specific qualifications and requirements. For example, to be a monitoring center rated as a 5-Diamond facility, you commit to random testing for quality control and accuracy of dispatches. This is one of the procedures that ensure the monitoring facility is operating at a high level consistently.  

Remote Security

One of our best features is the ability to control your system remotely. You can arm or disarm your security remotely. This increases security since you will be able to check in periodically and even look at the cameras. 

The remote feature also allows you to control the entire system from your phone. You can give each pharmacist their personal code to keep track of which employee is arming or disarming an alarm and when. This is just an extra measure of security that proves to be effective so that you know you are taking every step possible to be fully protected.

Reduce Risk Of Theft

Protect your pharmacy with these extra security features, such as remote access to the security system. This allows you to significantly reduce the risk of theft. You can check in when you want for your peace of mind, but mostly you can rest assured that our monitoring team is keeping everything secure.

It is important for pharmacists to protect the confidentiality of patients and the drugs they need, and to make sure the medicine is dispersed appropriately. This means taking measures to protect yourself from theft, as prescription drugs in the wrong hands can be dangerous. 

Loss Prevention

Prevent loss of secure confidential information and expensive drugs with 360 Alarm. Whether you have a large corporate pharmacy or a small family-owned pharmacy, our alarm systems are fully equipped with the necessary functions to protect you and your prescription drugs. 

Another serious threat is fire. Fire causes significant loss, as the drugs can be compromised if not kept in a temperature-controlled environment. With the protection of a monitoring system, you can avoid and minimize the loss of information and product from fire.

Is Your Pharmacy At Risk?

Pharmacies are one of the top businesses that are a target of robbery and theft. There is confidential information and sensitive drugs inside your pharmacy that you need to secure. As a small business owner, you are at risk for significant loss and potential danger if you aren’t protected with a security system like 360 Alarm.

360 Alarm Can Secure Your Pharmacy

We have plans that are customizable so you can protect your pharmacy exactly the way you think is best. Protecting the pharmacy itself is the first step to keeping you, your employees, your patients’ information, and your drugs safe from harm. 

Fire and theft are two serious threats, but they don’t have to be large concerns with security and monitoring from 360 Alarm. Call us today and we will evaluate your pharmacy security and discuss your specific security needs. 

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