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DVR cameras record to a device on-site for local storage only. Wi-Fi cameras record when they detect motion and store the footage on a cloud-based server. 

This is an alarm system that you can operate with a smartphone, tablet, Apple watch, or computer. From the convenience of your internet-connected device, you can arm, disarm, or control smart home devices that are integrated into your alarm system.

Most cities require an alarm permit. In fact, some jurisdictions won’t even dispatch the police if you don’t have an alarm permit on file.

Our systems can function with many different monitoring stations and nationally recognized security manufacturers. SimpliSafe is a proprietary system and will not function with any other system or add-on equipment

Yes, with the interactive system you can set up real-time notifications of when your system is armed or disarmed. Additionally, we can provide an indoor camera for added protection and monitoring.

Yes! There are several options to control system accessibility ranging from using codes that are only valid for a few days or during certain times of the week.

This allows you to have a month-to-month service agreement versus a long-term contract. Also, the equipment will belong to you, allowing you to use it with any company (if you choose to leave us, which we hope you don’t).

Yes, we work with several financial institutions to make residential and commercial security affordable for everyone. Just ask us for our list of preferred lenders!

Most insurance companies provide a discount to homes that have an actively monitored alarm system. Many homeowners get as much as 20% knocked off their home insurance bill with our services. We can provide your agent with an alarm certificate for verification. 

Absolutely. It's much easier for an intruder to cut a landline than disrupt the wireless signal to the      Alarm Response Center. If an intruder tries to disable your security panel or base, it will set off an alarm before the system is compromised. Wireless sensors are also secure. Since they aren't constrained by phone lines or wall mounts, they can be placed out of view of intruders. If a sensor is tampered with, an alarm will be triggered as well.

Yes. That's one of the advantages of a wireless system. Just take the devices out of your old home and place them in your new home. Your monthly rate will remain the same unless you choose to add additional services.

Professional monitoring is one of the most important components of residential and commercial security. Your system transmits alarm signals to our Alarm Response Center, a sophisticated 24/7 call center staffed by highly trained professionals who can rapidly notify police, fire, or medical authorities during any emergency. 


We offer around-the-clock professional monitoring. This is also important because calling 911 on your cell phone won't connect you to the correct authorities unless you're located within their jurisdiction. That’s a big problem for folks traveling for work or vacation. Fortunately, the professionals in our local alarm monitoring center will alert the correct authorities, no matter where you are.

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