5 Ways To Stay Safe During Your Trick-Or-Treat Outing

Halloween is one of the most fun holidays. It is a time filled with festivities, candy, and costumes. One of the most popular activities is a trick-or-treat outing, where young children walk through the neighborhood to collect candy in their costumes. Many adults have fun memories from their own trick-or-treat days, so to keep the fun tradition alive, it is important to prioritize safety. 

It is important to stay safe during this Halloween season. Trick-or-treat is a fun Halloween activity, but it can be dangerous too. Stay alert and don’t embark on your trick-or-treat outing alone. 

Plan A Route For Your Trick-Or-Treat Outing

Before you embark on your trick-or-treat outing, plan a route. Trick-or-treat in a familiar neighborhood so you are familiar with your surroundings. If you don’t plan a route, you could accidentally wander further from home than you intended and into unfamiliar territory. If you have young children with you, the familiar territory will help make sure they can find their way back if somehow separated from the group.

Stay In Well Lit Areas

Avoid dark streets while you walk through the neighborhood. Stay in well-lit areas while on your trick-or-treat outing. Not only will this help keep you and your group safe, but houses with their lights off generally are not offering candy. This is a classic sign of the inhabitants being out of the house on their own trick-or-treat outing, or perhaps they simply forgot to get candy for the evening. Stay in well-lit areas to stay safe and to get the most candy possible.

Inspect Your Treats Before Indulging

Before you indulge in your sweet trick-or-treat goodies, check for broken packages that may have compromised the safety of the candy. It seems that every few years, people are pulling dangerous and inappropriate pranks. Make sure you toss out homemade candies, you don’t know how they prepared them or what the ingredients are. It may contain something dangerous, or trigger a food allergy. Make sure each candy is safe before allowing anyone to consume it. 

If you do have a craving for delicious homemade candy, make some of your own with this Halloween candy recipe. 

Go With People You Trust

Go on your trick-or-treat adventure with people you trust. This is important for safety, to know that the people you are with will stay with you. There is safety in numbers, and you never want to be walking the neighborhood when it gets dark out. Make sure you know what your friends’ costumes look like, and make sure they know what yours looks like. If you are for some reason separated from the group, knowing each other’s costumes will help you spot your group from afar.

Give Out Candy Safely

If you are staying behind to pass out candy, make sure you do it safely. Keep your porch lights on to draw in the trick-or-treaters, and to keep danger at bay. Keep yourself safe and don’t allow anyone to enter your house, unless they’re your friend, of course, but as a general rule please stay safe and don’t let strangers into your house. 

Call 360 Alarm

Stay safe with 360 Alarm. Call us at (972) 352-2659 for all your home safety needs. You can contact us anytime to get a consultation scheduled for your home security. Follow these 5 ways to stay safe during your trick-or-treat outing. 360 Alarm is here to keep you safe and secure, no matter what time of year it is. Have fun on your trick-or-treat outing and stay safe this Halloween season. 

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